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The Division of Telecommunications is responsible for providing the network and desktop support infrastructure for the State of South Dakota and supporting all desktop and mobile users for state government. The division is comprised of Local Area Network or LAN Services, Network Technologies and Engineering.

LAN Services
Manage the state’s personal computers, personal computer software, peripherals (printers, scanners) and local area networks. Statewide support is provided for the following:

  • 9,800 personal computers.
  • 2,820 peripherals.
  • 8,135 user accounts.
  • 1,000+ software applications.
  • 240 towns with state agencies.
  • Over 2,194 components available within the Parts Center.
  • 60,218 service calls are conducted on an annual basis.

Network Technologies
Design and administer communication services to state, county and city governments; K-12 and the Board of Regents (along with the public for DDN video purposes only). Statewide support is provided for the following:

  • Over 2,816 digital communications lines.
  • 650 network points of presence through network electronics, computing platforms and the like.
  • One 500,000 terabytes traverse state networks each year.
  • Over 4,000 cell phones/Blackberries and cellular data cards for state government.
  • Over 40,000 K-12 student and teacher email accounts.
  • Over 49,000 web based K-12 classroom sections.
  • Support to South Dakota Virtual High School and the Northern State University Center for e-Learning.

Engineer and maintain telephone services (voicemail, long distance) videoconferencing sites, state radio tower sites and electronics and South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) tower sites and electronics. Statewide support is provided for the following:

  • 18,445 phone lines and 5,877 voicemail boxes.
  • State Telephone Switchboard and Conference Bridge with over 400 voice conferences per month.
  • 275 Dakota Digital Network or DDN Video Sites including the State Capitol Complex, State Universities, Technical Schools, K-12 Schools.
  • Over 17,000 mobile and portable two-way radios for state government and local public safety organizations using a common interoperable State Radio System with 54 towers.
  • 9 TV/FM public broadcasting transmitters and 9 TV/FM translators covering 95 percent of the state’s viewing and listening audience.

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