Digital Dakota Network

About the DDN and its Video Network

The Digital Dakota Network or DDN is a statewide interactive video communications system using compressed digital technology to provide a "meeting pipeline" across the State of South Dakota and the global community.

This video component connects the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of state government, the Board of Regents, private universities, the four public technical schools, municipal governments and the K-12 community. Video sites or studios are located in government facilities, public and private universities, technical education institutions and high schools.

Any business, school, organization, agency or individual may use the DDN video system for instruction, training, meetings and presentation purposes.

The DDN also provides services to the K-12 community through a collaborative effort between the Department of Education, Dakota State University and BIT. These services include: application delivery, email, web hosting, online courses, security, onsite support, network management, training and much more.

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