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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the DDN Video Network?
The DDN Video Network can be used for distance education, board meetings, training sessions, meetings with distributors or clients, interviews, depositions, appointments with specialists, state and federal agencies use the network for hearings and meetings, and several other business purposes and needs.

In the past, the DDN has been used for families to connect with one another when one is working in the armed forces from across the world; the DDN allows each family member to see and talk to one another face to face. 

What are the benefits of using this type of network conferencing system?
There are many benefits to using the DDN for conferences in state, out of state and around the world.

  • Minimizes travel time.
  • Reduces meeting expenses.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Intra/Interstate and global connections.
  • Connects communities.
  • Bridging services for multipoint videoconferencing.
  • K-12 classes can interact with students from across the state and world.

How much does it cost to use the DDN Video Network?
Rates for accessing the DDN Video Network can be found below.

  • Conference Rate:
    • Non-Profit = $30.00 Per Hour/Per Bridge
    • Profit = $30.00 Per Hour/Per Bridge

  • Educational Fee Waiver:
    • Not-for-profit entities can seek a waiver from DDN for programming they are providing via the DDN. 
    • Programming must be free and open to the public as well as educational or community development/betterment in nature. 
    • Complete prior to the start of the conference and before scheduling. 
    • To receive a waiver, contact us at 605.773.3333.

How do I schedule a DDN conference site?
Complete and submit the online DDN Conference Scheduling Request Form. Please remember to verify the availability of the rooms/sites that you wish to book with each site coordinator.

What do the DDN site coordinators do?
Each DDN has a site coordinator who is responsible for the following:

  • Serves as a liaison between users and DDN staff.
  • Returns phone calls to customers about the sites.
  • Assists with remote testing and troubleshooting with network equipment in coordination with DDN staff.
  • Connects conferences to the bridge properly.
  • Provides instruction to customers on how to use equipment.
  • Provides contact information to the users.
  • Preps studios for customer use.

Who do I call when there are technical difficulties or I need help troubleshooting?
Please call 1.800.567.8345 at any time if you are having trouble with a video conference. You can also reach our DDN video staff during routine business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm CT) at 605.773.3333 or by email at

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