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The Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) provides a variety of employment opportunities in several areas from software and technology engineers to computer and network support technicians, project managers, security specialists and more.

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BIT's YouTube channel serves as another source to learn more about the different positions and career opportunities within the agency. Through these videos, users and potential employees have access to learning more about what we do as the state’s information and technology leader. Check out the videos today!

Below you will find an overview of careers within BIT. Please note that these are not vacancies, only an overview of the types of positions offered within BIT. To view BIT and other state government jobs that are currently open, please check out the blog articles listed above or visit the Bureau of Human Resource's website.

Data Center

Database Administrator
Installs, configures, upgrades, monitors and maintains databases for the development division and other application development entities. This includes the development and design of database strategies, backup and recovery, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity planning for future expansion requirement. This position may also plan, coordinate and implement security measures to safeguard databases.

Email Administrator
Supports, maintains, monitors and manages the State of South Dakota's centralized electronic messaging system. This position manages client access and engineers multiple messaging related systems including, but not limited to: eDiscovery, internet email gateway, anti-virus, spam mitigation, archival, listserv, directory synchronization, application integration, and restoration functions; troubleshoot email related problems for executive branch state government agencies.

Maintains computer system operations by monitoring the master consoles, releasing production jobs, responding to master console messages, loading and unloading tapes, printing output on high speed printers, supporting problem calls and determining and responding to equipment problems to ensure efficient computer room operations.

Systems/Integration Specialists - View Video
Provides technical support in planning, designing, installing, maintaining, programming, testing, and implementing systems, integration, and/or database software, hardware, and products to ensure efficient integration and system functionality. Systems include, but are not limited to: imaging, virtualization, storage provisioning, application hosting environments, profile and account administration, anti-virus systems, security systems and patch management. This position also assists clients with problem source identification and resolution.

Web Administrator
Designs and maintains a reliable and consistent web infrastructure which hosts applications and websites for state government agencies. This position provides web support to development teams and other state employees, as well as contractors and third party providers. Also, in this position, an individual will  perform troubleshooting for site and application problems, system installation tasks, performance testing, security scanning, and maintenance and monitoring.


Software Engineer - View Video
Designs, codes and debugs applications in various software languages. Integrates software with other existing systems and is responsible for software, code and requirements analysis, software review and quality assurance. A software engineer is able to create various diagrams to model and simulate the software application and is knowledgeable of the graphical interface using quality and creative design considerations.

The State of South Dakota has created a dual track career ladder to recognize professionals in the software engineering career family who assume greater responsibilities, tackle complex challenges and broaden their area of expertise.

Business Analyst
Documents existing processes, data and workflow and also recommends solutions to positively impact operational effectiveness. Solutions often include a software development component, but may also consist of business process improvements or software acquisition.


Help Desk Technician
Works directly with the end-users as a first line of technical support for all state agencies. They also enter work tickets for the network/desktop technicians, manage moratorium requests and approvals, as well as perform basic mainframe administration tasks.

Network Administrator
Creates, designs and supports the statewide network within physical and budgetary limitations using the most current technology possible. Network administrators may also be representatives at planning meetings and involved in reviewing and approving RFP’s for hardware, software and any other complimentary network services.

Network/Desktop Technician
Supports the state network infrastructure and/or the state computer hardware and software for all state agencies.  These technicians are required to research and resolve issues other state employees incur and will work directly with end-users. Technicians are assigned special projects and asked to assist in the design and installation of networks. Technicians can be employed in the following areas:  Integration, Network Technologies and Support Services.

Network Engineer - View Video
Network Engineers are the first line of network design and management. They are involved in all technical aspects of networks, network planning and engineering and software maintenance. They have the ability to solve day-to-day problems and evaluate the statewide network impact of large projects.

Security Specialist
Protects agency data and monitors networks for breaches in security.

Video Network Management/Support
The Digital Dakota Network (DDN) is composed of over 500 videoconferencing endpoints throughout the state providing videoconference services to K-12 education, Technical Institutes, State Government Agencies, State Universities and other Videoconferencing endpoints and networks. The DDN Video staff provides management and first line of support of core video networking equipment, endpoint equipment, scheduling and training. 

Voice Services Management/Support
Works directly with end-users in supporting their needs within the State Telephone Network. This includes: networking, programming, cabling for voice/LAN, phone equipment research, installation and training and voicemail. Staff also work with local telephone providers and wiring technicians for the completion of work orders, trouble tickets and project management.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB)

SDPB Employment Opportunities
Jobs may include: producers, videographers, radio broadcast specialists, director of acquisitions and scheduling, communications engineers, senior maintenance technician, communication maintenance technicians, senior broadcast operating technician, broadcast operating technician, information officer, information specialist and program assistants.

Finance Office

Accountant/Auditor Manager and Accountant/Auditor
Performs professional accounting work that requires the application of accounting and audit theories, concepts, principles, and standards to the financial activities of the State of South Dakota. These positions are accountable to the taxpayer and regulatory agencies for the efficient use of financial resources, by maintaining, tracking, budgeting and reporting; enforcing compliance in accordance with federal and state laws and rules, accounting standards, and state policies and procedures; and providing analysis and insight to enable others to effectively make business decisions.

Purchasing Agent
Coordinates the purchase of materials, supplies or equipment for BIT according to South Dakota purchasing and procurement statutes to ensure that items purchased meet or exceed the minimum level of quality at the lowest possible cost. 

Senior Claims Clerk
Monitors and maintains the voucher, claims, and billing processes by providing record keeping support such as receipt in money, recording figures, reviewing documents for accuracy, coding and receiving vouchers and payments. 

Project Management

Project Manager
Coordinates resource requirements and is responsible for managing tasks, deadlines and appointments and develops the project plan while managing the performance of project tasks.

Point of Contact (POC)
Acts as the client service representative by serving as an internal consultant between the agency and BIT on IT related work projects.  The POC partners with agencies to assist with setting IT priorities and incorporating these priorities into the agency’s strategic IT plan.  The POC also assists the agency with transitioning to new IT processes and technologies.

Additional Information

  • All permanent positions with the State of South Dakota are handled by the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR).
  • New job openings are posted online daily and applications are accepted only when a job vacancy is announced.

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