STANDARDS BIT has established standard practices for development, processing and services
  • Rules and regulations are essential to any well managed organization. Standards are valuable to our clients because of the cost savings, faster support and reliable technology infrastructure. They serve to establish uniform practices and common techniques used as guidelines to measure performance.

    For example, with one standard email system, a small number of administrators can maintain a system supporting all of state government. If the state had two email systems, the number of administrators and support staff would double with no corresponding benefit in functionality. The same principle applies to system designs, writing programs and setting up operations in a data processing center. All of which require certain individual skills, standard policies, procedures and equipment.

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  • Vendors who are actively pursuing IT business opportunities with the State of South Dakota must also comply with the Information Technology Security Policy. For security purposes, this content is not for public consumption, however a modified version is available for you here.
FINANCE BIT Finance Office
BIT Rates and Information
  • Development >
    Analysis, design, programming, implementation and maintenance of the state’s information systems.
  • Data Center >
    Provides enterprise computer processing services for state government agencies, higher education, constitutional offices and the Unified Judicial System (UJS)..
  • Telecommunications >
    Provides all support for hardware/software, Active Directory accounts required for access to network, telephone access, videoconferencing, and more.

Finance Information

Billing and Purchasing

The BIT Finance Office is responsible for procuring supplies, services and capital equipment for BIT employees located statewide. 

Commodities include:
  • Mainframe computer hardware and software,
  • PC's and software,
  • Networking hardware,
  • Telecommunications equipment,
  • Mobile radio and dispatch equipment,
  • Broadcast and distance learning equipment, and
  • Office supplies and equipment. 

Contracts and Bids

BIT utilizes state contracts for purchasing needs. Items not on state contract are bid either by the South Dakota Office of Procurement Management (OPM) or by utilizing local purchase authority. Terms and conditions are also managed by OPM.

Local bids are solicited through email. Local purchase orders are sent as an email message or as a PDF attachment.

Bid Categories and Results
Bid Category Opens at 2pm Bid Document
Electronics Mescellaneous 08/22/2019 Bid 3345
Electronics Miscellaneous 08/15/2019 Bid 3344
Electronics Miscellaneous 07/19/2019 Bid 3343
Mobile Radio Miscellaneous 05/30/2019 Bid 3342
Video Cameras 05/20/2019 Bid 3341
Audio Visual 05/20/2019 Bid 3340
Electronics Miscellaneous 05/20/2019 Bid 3339
Wireless Microphone System 05/17/2019 Bid 3338
Tools Miscellaneous 05/17/2019 Bid 3337
Audio Visual Miscellaneous 05/16/2019 Bid 3336
Electronics Miscellaneous 05/16/2019 Bid 3335
Audio Visual Miscellaneous 05/16/2019 Bid 3334
Audio Visual Miscellaneous 05/09/2019 Bid 3333
Tower Work 04/30/2019 Bid 3332
Electronics Miscellaneous 04/18/2019 Bid 3331
Electronics Miscellaneous 02/14/2019 Bid 3330
Fiber Cables 02/05/2019 Bid 3329
A/V Miscellaneous 02/04/2019 Bid 3328
UPS Miscellaneous 01/14/2019 Bid 3327
Computer Miscellaneous 01/09/2019 Bid 3326
Electronics Miscellaneous 01/09/2019 Bid 3325
Computer Miscellaneous 01/07/2019 Bid 3324
A/V Miscellaneous 01/02/2019 Bid 3323
Wiring Supplies 01/02/2019 Bid 3322
Electronics Miscellaneous 01/02/2019 Bid 3321
Electronics Miscellaneous 12/13/2018 Bid 3320
Electronics Miscellaneous 11/29/2018 Bid 3319
Microwave Batteries 11/08/2018 Bid 3318
A/V Miscellaneous 11/01/2018 Bid 3317
Electronics Miscellaneous 10/29/2018 Bid 3316