Finance Information

Billing and Purchasing

The BIT Finance Office is responsible for procuring supplies, services and capital equipment for BIT employees located statewide. 

Commodities include:

  • Mainframe computer hardware and software,
  • PC's and software,
  • Networking hardware,
  • Telecommunications equipment,
  • Mobile radio and dispatch equipment,
  • Broadcast and distance learning equipment, and
  • Office supplies and equipment. 

Contracts and Bids

BIT utilizes state contracts for purchasing needs. Items not on state contract are bid either by the South Dakota Office of Procurement Management (OPM) or by utilizing local purchase authority. Terms and conditions are also managed by OPM.

Local bids are solicited through email. Local purchase orders are sent as an email message or as a PDF attachment.

Bid Categories and Results

Printer Parts 02/20/2017 Bid 3229
AV Miscellaneous 02/13/2017 Bid 3228
LAN Cable 02/01/2017 Bid 3227
AV Miscellaneous 01/26/2017 Bid 3226
Computer Miscellaneous 01/24/2017 Bid 3225
Electronics Miscellaneous 01/20/2017 Bid 3224
Computer Components 01/16/2017 Bid 3223
Printer Parts 01/12/2017 Bid 3222
Generator Parts 01/12/2017 Bid 3221
AV Miscellaneous 01/11/2017 Bid 3220
Electronics 01/09/2017 Bid 3219
AV Miscellaneous 01/09/2017 Bid 3218
AV Miscellaneous 01/05/2017 Bid 3217
Security Cameras 01/05/2017 Bid 3216
Wiring Supplies 12/21/2016 Bid 3215
Electronics Miscellaneous 12/19/2016 Bid 3214
Printer Parts 12/13/2016 Bid 3213
Electronics Miscellaneous 12/02/2016 Bid 3212

Contact Information

For more information or for questions on billing or contract terms, please contact the BIT Purchasing Agent, Randy Sullivan, at 605.677.6416.

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