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The BIT Finance Office provides support services to oversee and manage the organization's budget and financial operations. The office also oversees the accounting and financial reporting, technology inventory procedures, logistical administrative functions and centralized procurement services.

The rate sheet provides information on how much it will cost for a particular service completed by BIT staff. Below you will find explanations for each of the rates and other financial information as it relates to Development, Data Center, Telecommunications and South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB).


Development: Analysis, design, programming, implementation and maintenance of the state’s information systems. This charge covers all salaries, benefits, travel, training, supplies, capital assets and contractual services associated with developers.

  • Rate = $70.50 per hour

Data Center

The Data Center provides enterprise computer processing services for state government agencies, higher education, constitutional offices and the Unified Judicial System (UJS). The enterprise server billing methodology accommodates the requirements from Legislative Audit to allocate direct and shared costs based on measurable units. 

Mainframe Information:

  • Mainframe Processor Usage (CPU): Processor usage is the amount of time the computer processing unit is dedicated to processing a batch job or processing an on-line transaction.
    • Rate=$0.69 per second
  • Mainframe I/O Access: I/O access is the number of read/write requests to a disk, tape or other input/output device.
    • Rate=$0.03 per 1,000 I/Os
  • Mainframe Print Fee: The print output is the number of printed pages created from a computer program. The cost varies depending on the type of page printed. Print that is stored on-line for viewing is charged at a rate per 1,000 characters. User Fee monthly charge which is shared by clients benefiting from the AS400 platform.
    • Rate=$0.004 per Kilobyte

Subscription Information

  • File Director Subscription: The subscription rate is based on the number of accounts who are permitted access to your documents.
    • Rate=$3.35 domain account/month
  • Unix Operating Subscription:  The subscription rate is a monthly charge which is shared by clients benefiting from the UNIX operating system.
    • Rate=$2,000.00/month
  • AS400 Subscription: The subscription rate is a monthly charge which is shared by clients benefiting from the AS400 platform.
    • Rate= $1,680.00 clients/month

Information Management
The fee incorporates the costs associated with the Help Desk, a technical support and integration team. The fee covers multi-agency shared hardware, software licenses and personnel associated with providing the design, operation and support of databases for client/server and web applications.

    • Rate = $58.75 domain account/month


User Fee: The user fee is assessed based on each domain account or user name used to sign on to a computer. This fee covers services provided by BIT including statewide technical support for hardware and software on workstations and networks, installation of hardware and software, operating system research and development, cloning or developing a standard workstation set-up, Parts Center services (including warranty repair), application deployment, hardware and software inventory, printer support, and file restores.

    • Rate=$60.00 domain account/month

Access Fee: Each personal computer on the network requires a domain log on account managed in Active Directory. Each domain ID will be associated with a department and accounts are charged for access to all resources.

    • Rate=$24.75 domain account/month

Voice Networking Telephone Lines: There are three types of telephone lines: Standard Analog,  Digital Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN), and Voice over IP phones (VoIP) will be charged an analog rate per manned phone device. The standard telephone line charge is for the analog telephone lines. The ISDN telephone line charge is for advanced telephone functions such as line status indicators, one touch transfers, expanded button fields, call logging, speed dial, integrated speaker phone and other features that enhance the ability of one person to handle and route many calls.

    • Rate=$23.00 line/month
  • Long Distance In-State and Out-of-State: Long Distance services are charged on a per minute basis.
    • Rate = $0.13 per minute in-state / $0.13 per minute out-of-state
  • 800 Numbers: 800 numbers are charged by the minute for incoming calls made to that number.
    • Rate = $0.13 per minute
  • Voicemail: Voicemail charge is for a single voicemail service.
    • Rate = $6.00 line/month

Digital Dakota Network (DDN) Videoconferencing: The Digital Dakota Network (DDN) is a statewide interactive video communications system using compressed digital technology to provide a “meeting pipeline” across the State of South Dakota and the global community. The DDN connects the State’s public K-12 communities, state government, the Board of Regents, and public technical schools.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB): South Dakota Public Broadcasting Services (SDPB) are available to all state agencies. Actual charges may vary depending upon individual project needs. To learn more or to contact SDPB with questions about production services, please visit:

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