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What services are covered through BIT charges? 
The rate sheet provides information on how much it will cost for a particular service within BIT and more financial information relative Development, Data Center, Telecommunications and South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) can be found in the rate explanations.

Where can I find vouchers, billing history and an NT account listing for my agency?
View your agency data by logging in to the State Agency Usage and Billing application. If you need help with this process, please contact Mary Kay Zimmerman at 605.677.6415.

How do I get on the BIT bid list? 
Please email your contact information and what types of products you are interested in bidding on to Randy Sullivan at 605.677.6416.

How do I register for the State of South Dakota’s bid proposals? 
The Office Of Procurement Management maintains this process.

How do I know if I won a bid? 
View recent bid results.

How do I check on the payment status of an invoice?
Vendors use their vendor ID number or state assigned ID number.  A vendor can only check the status of their payments.
To learn more, please visit the South Dakota Vendor Self Services website.

How do I know if the replacement part used to fix my device is covered by the user fee?
If the costs for repairs exceed a predetermined percentage of the value of the device at the time of repairs, the Parts Center will not provide a free part to the agency. It would become the agency's decision to make the repair at their cost. However, if the Parts Center has a used part on the shelf that is in working order, the agency would then get the part at no cost. The defective part would have to be returned at that time.

The following percentages will apply:

  • Personal Computer = 40 percent
  • Laptops/Notebooks = 30 percent
  • All Printer Types = 40 percent
  • All Other Peripherals = 30 percent

What do I need a consultant contract for? 
All consultant contracts entered into by state agencies are required to be on file with the Office of State Auditor.

SDCL 1-24A-1 consulting contracts filed with the state auditor, a copy of all consulting contracts entered into by a state agency with a non-governmental party shall be filed by the agency with the state auditor within five days after such contract is entered into and finally approved by the contracting parties.

The term "consulting contract" means a written contract or written agreement for consulting services to the state paid out of contractual services accounts as defined by the state accounting manual, in effect as of January 1, 1980.
To learn more about these requirements, please visit the State Auditor's website.

Where are the BIT contract templates located?
BIT contract templates as well as the Request for Proposals (RFP) and review processes, can all be found here.

What is posted on OpenSD? 
Information posted to OpenSD includes: contracts, payments, Requests for Proposals (RFP), payroll information, payments by vendors, revenues, and expenditures for state, county, city, and school districts.

How do I request a W-9 form, tax exempt number, federal ID number or a DUNN and Bradstreet number?
The W-9 form can be found here. To receive information on the tax exempt number, federal ID number or a DUNN and Bradstreet number, please contact Darlis LaBahn or MaryKay Zimmerman 605.677.6413.

What products or services does BIT purchase? 
The BIT Finance Office is responsible for procuring supplies, services and capital equipment for BIT employees located statewide. 

Commodities include:

  • Mainframe computer hardware and software,
  • PC's and software,
  • Networking hardware,
  • Telecommunications equipment,
  • Mobile radio and dispatch equipment,
  • Broadcast and distance learning equipment, and
  • Office supplies and equipment.

How do I enter a requisition?
First you need to be set up as an BIT Purchasing user. To do so, please contact Randy Sullivan at 605.677.6416. Once contact is made with Randy, the below instructions will be sent to you.

  1. To enter a new requisition or to view a previous one, open Citrix Program Neighborhood or Citrix Receiver. If you do not have the BIT Purchasing System icon you will need to submit a work order to be added to the group.  

  2. Click the "BIT Purchasing System" icon. You should see the BIT Purchasing Database screen. Enter your PIN. Your name should appear next to your PIN. Tip: Many of the screen objects have tool tips so when you mouse over a button or field a help balloon will appear to give you some guidance.

  3. Click the "Enter a New Requisition" command button to enter your first purchase requisition. A requisition is comprised of 2 parts, the header and the detail line or lines. You can manually enter the information in the fields or use the Select List button to get a list of common items. After you select a picklist a new window will open with a list of items. To order an item click the checkbox at the left of that line and a message box will display prompting you to enter the quantity you need. The item will then be added to the new requisition. When you are done adding items close the picklist.

  4. After you have finished entering the requisition click the "Submit" button. A message window will appear informing you that the requisition has been submitting and to wait for an e-mail confirmation. The e-mail will include the details of your requisition and instruct you to review the information and if you are satisfied, forward the message to your supervisor for approval. The supervisor is then to forward the e-mail with a notation that the request is approved to the BIT Purchasing Agent.

  5. Close the application when you have finished. Your requisition will be automatically saved.

What happens after my supervisor approves the requisition?
After the approval is received and processed, you will receive an email notification.

How long before my order is received? 
If the item is on a state contract, bidding is not required.  A purchase order is then sent to the vendor usually within a day or two.  When obtaining local quotes, this may take several days.  High dollar non-contract items which require formal bidding by the Office of Procurement Management, take at least one month for that process. 

Once the purchase order is received and processed by the vendor, delivery time is dependent upon stock availability and shipping time.  As a general rule, if you are placing a requisition on a small item which is in stock, you can expect delivery within 2 to 4 weeks. 

When you receive your delivery, please sign and date the packing list, and submit it to the BIT Finance Office promptly. It is preferred that you scan the signed and dated packing papers, and email them to

How do I get reimbursed for travel? 
A travel voucher must be filled out and submitted.

What can I use my purchasing credit card for? 
This card may be used for purchases of supplies and small equipment that are $1,000.00 or less.

If the item is on state contract, please purchase with this card.

However, if the item is not on state contract, please purchase the item from any vendor accepting MasterCard. Be sure to follow the local purchase policy as outlined in the Bureau of Administration Policy Manual or ARSD 10:02:05:02 relating to the purchase of good under $10,000, if applicable.

The Purchasing Card may NOT be used for any of the following categories:

  • Computer Hardware or Software Purchases
  • Cash Advances
  • Travel Expenses
  • Services, including workshop or course registration fees
  • Fuel (Petroleum)
  • Standard Merchant Category exclusions (liquor stores, jewelry, etc.).
  • Personal Use

What can I purchase with state funds? 
The State Auditor’s handbook establishes the guidelines of what can and cannot be purchased with state funds. To learn more, check out the State Auditor’s Office Policy Handbook.

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