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The BIT Help Desk provides assistance to state employees in a variety of ways from information and technology computing and telephone service needs. On average, the Help Desk receives over 246 calls or emails asking for assistance each day. Mondays are the busiest days and the most calls come in between 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. All inquiries are entered into the problem tracking system. Over 40 percent of the calls are solved at the BIT Help Desk, the unsolved ones are routed to another BIT professional who completes the work request.

The BIT Help Desk can assist with the below services:

  • Connecting to the state network,
  • Resetting password permissions,
  • Troubleshooting computer hardware/software, telephone or wiring problems,
  • Changing billing information,
  • Installing computers, software, wiring or telephones,
  • Adding or removing state employee computer access,
  • Installing or repairing state radios.

Contact the BIT Help Desk:

  • Automatic Help Desk Response: Submit a new work request via email that will automatically generate a ticket without having to wait for a response.

  • BIT Help Desk: Check the status of a work request that has already been submitted via email.

  • Call 605.773.4357 (HELP): If an immediate response is required, please call the Help Desk rather than sending an email. For example, please call if a network is down or a computer is completely inoperable.

Include the following in a work request:

  • Name of individual needing assistance,
  • Phone number,
  • State Agency,
  • Location,
  • Brief description of service or problem; including error messages or what was being done on the machine when the problem happened.

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