Project Management and Points of Contact (POC)

The Project Management Office (PMO) was established in early 2012 to focus on our customers and improve partnerships with state agencies and their staff.  The team assists the bureau to provide innovative services, support, and optimal technology solutions.  The purpose is to allow for early identification of opportunities, as well as provide an excellent level of support to fully utilize technology in order for state government to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and ultimately provide better products and services to the citizens of South Dakota.

The PMO team consists of dedicated leaders with positions which exclusively support project management and point-of-contact responsibilities.  This leaves our clients with a single point-of-contact (POC) who serves as their customer advocate when working with BIT.  The POC represents the agency's interests internally to BIT.  This allows the agency to more efficiently collaborate with BIT on their technology business needs.

Point of Contact (POC) services:

  • Serves as customer advocate with BIT.
  • Acts as a facilitator with BIT to ensure timely resolution of issues.
  • Strives to partner and collaborate on technology opportunities.
  • Assists on moratoriums, I/T procurements, RFIs, and RFPs.
  • Assists on legislative bills and analyzing I/T impact.
  • Collaborates on transition assistance to new technologies.
  • Addresses operational problems and request services.

Along with POC support, agencies can utilize a project manager or security contract audit specialist from this team.

Project Management services:

  • Completion of projects within a timely and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Utilize standard project management methodology and practices.
  • Perform risk assessment and mitigation planning management.
  • Provide monthly progress reports.
  • Provide routine project updates to agency contact and project sponsor.
  • Provide project management methodology training and guidance to internal and agency staff.    

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