Desktop and Servers

BIT utilizes a couple of software products to protect PCs/Laptops/Notebook/Tablets from malicious software. Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is installed on all client computers and servers. SEP protects machines from viruses and spyware. Pointsec is another product used only on mobile computers. It encrypts the hard drive so the data cannot be accessed if the computer would happen to be lost or stolen. Corporate Windows Update Services provides ongoing security patch management services for both workstations and servers operating systems and applications.

Clients Served

  • Executive Branch

What We Provide

  • Automated security patch management process.
  • Installation of non-Microsoft based security patches.
  • Periodic baseline security analysis of systems to confirm proper patching is being applied.
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware software.
  • Hard drive encryption software for mobile computers.

Client Responsibility

  • Take online security classes.
  • Report unusual behavior or information requests.
  • Do not open suspicious emails, email attachments or messages from unknown sources.
  • Do not click on Internet links in emails if you unsure who the email is from.
  • If an email/Internet link asks for your state user ID and/or password, do not enter it.

Major Investment Costs

  • Staff Training
  • Security Software
  • Software maintenance

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Follow state security recommendations.
  • Report suspicious behavior.


  • Server security software is covered in the BIT Information Management Fee which is billed monthly to agencies per user ID.
  • Desktop security software is covered in the BIT User Fee which is billed monthly to agencies per user ID.

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