Physical Security

BIT supports a building access/security system enabling access through an access card and alarms when a door is forced open. There are also several buildings with video security systems supported by BIT.

BIT programs and distributes the access cards as requested, sets door lock schedules, monitors and maintains the hardware and software for both systems. Both systems are monitored 24/7 at a monitor station manned by the Department of Public Safety.

Clients Served

  • Executive and Judicial Branches

What We Provide

  • Support for additions to the systems.
  • Communication between the monitoring agency and the installing agency.
  • Support monitor station.
  • Review equipment problems and direct repair to the Bureau of Administration or contractor.
  • Contract with installation company for hardware support.
  • Contract with the vendor for software maintenance.
  • Yearly system tests.
  • Set up access cards and change permission as needed.
  • Set up door lock schedules.
  • DVR support for campus installed systems.
  • Battery replacement.

Client Responsibility

  • Report lost or stolen access cards to BIT staff.
  • Report door schedule changes to BIT staff.
  • Provide a contact person per agency.

Major Investment Costs

  • Servers
  • Software and Maintenance
  • Locks and support equipment
  • DVR’s
  • Cameras

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Return access cards for reuse.
  • The damage caused by vandals can far exceed the cost of a camera system.


  • Initial setup and programming of the system is the responsibility of the agency requesting the addition.
  • Requesting agency responsible for major hardware upgrades or out-of-warranty parts and service.
  • Group requests of more than five access cards are charged to the requesting agency.
  • No ongoing charges or rates are defined for the daily use of this service.

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