Asset Distribution

The BIT Parts Center is responsible for redistribution of computers, laptops, tablets and other computer equipment. 

To surplus computer equipment:

  1. Email Bureau of Administration (BOA) Property Management with a detailed list of computers and serial numbers for each. 

  2. If the item to be surplused is a fixed asset, purchase cost of $5,000 or more, an asset retirement form is required.  If item is an asset, it must be tagged with an assigned Property Management number before it is picked up for delivery to the BIT Parts Center.

  3. BOA Property Management will send this list to the BIT Parts Center. 

  4. BIT Parts Center personnel will mark the equipment off the list. 
    - If there is a piece of equipment missing that was on the list, the agency will need to provide an explanation of the absent item. 
    - All equipment brought to the BIT Parts Center must be on the list. 
    - If there are items brought in not on the list, the agency may be required to take the items back.

BIT Parts Center will distribute the computers as follows:

  • Computer models that are less than 5 years old will be re-distributed to state agencies.
  • Computer models that are 5 years old or older will be available for schools.
  • Non-working computers will be considered salvage and given to BOA Property Management for disposal.

All computer equipment including monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers or printers will be delivered to the BIT Parts Center.  The staff there will determine what items to retain for future use.  Equipment considered salvage, of no value to the state, will be sent to the Bureau of Administration's Property Management for disposal.

Clients Served

  • Executive Branch
  • Constitutional and Elected Offices
  • County governments
  • K-12 Education

What We Provide

  • Surplus computers and replacement parts to state government agencies, K-12 schools and county governments.
  • Please contact the BIT Parts Center at 605.773.4381 to inquire about computers on our surplus listings. These computers are available "as is".  BIT staff will not add any extra memory or drives to the machines. The operating systems listed are what the machines are licensed for, but are not installed on the machines. All operating systems and data are deleted from the machines.

Client Responsibility

  • Paperwork for surplus items.

Major Investment Costs

  • Personnel
  • Space
  • Forklift / pallet movers
  • Software to sanitize hard drives

Cost-Saving Tips

  • If an agency has older computers, check the listings of surplus computers available, listed above.
  • If a part is needed, please request a surplus item.


  • All items are covered in the BIT User Fee which is billed monthly to agencies per user ID.
  • Surplus computers come as is and if a part is needed, agencies can purchase them from the BIT Parts Center.

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