Business Analysis

Business Analysis entails identifying agency needs and determining solutions to reduce overall costs and provide more efficient use of resources. Solutions often include a Software Development component, but may also consist of business process improvements or software acquisition. The main purpose of Business Analysis is to ensure the right applications are implemented based on the needs of the agency. This differs from Software Development, which focuses on building the application correctly.

While agency business and process analysis may be considered the responsibility of upper-level agency management, quite often these busy executives lack the time and specific skills to properly address these problems or opportunities for improvement. BIT can play an important role by providing the skills and IT-related resources for the project.

If it is determined that a software solution is needed, BIT conducts an assessment of alternative solutions such as acquiring a software product or service through a Request For Proposal (RFP). BIT will complete a document containing a detailed project scope, costs, risks and benefits of a potential software solution. Agency management can use this information to determine if the project should be approved.

Clients Served

  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches
  • Constitutional and Elected Offices

What We Provide

  • BIT personnel with the requisite skills.
  • Complete project assessment and analysis.

Client Responsibility

  • Provide information about agency processes, data and problems.
  • Sponsor projects to ensure the project receives agency support.

Major Investment Costs

  • Agency commitment and staff resources.
  • BIT costs to develop and maintain development and project management teams.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Perform a business analysis prior to system development.
  • Define the project scope before the project begins.



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