Document Imaging

Document Imaging is a system which stores, secures and can provide workflow for various types of important documents.

File Director is the State of South Dakota's standard product for document imaging in which BIT provides full support. Basic use involves the following:

  • Ability to scan and maintain documents electronically for later retrieval or storing,
  • Replace file cabinets or physical storage,
  • Integrate File Director with other applications and
  • Program interfaces to other systems, such as agency web applications.

Clients Served

  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches
  • Constitutional and Elected Offices

What We Provide

  • Storage of any images needing to be saved, archived and/or retrieved.
  • Installation and support of the WinClient application.
  • Integration of File Director services within other applications or web services (used internally or served to the public).
  • Backup/restoration of documents.

Client Responsibility

  • Winclient look-up - File Director is essentially organized and stored in a large database; the more detailed one searches for an item in the Winclient, the quicker the response and the less impact made to the backend database servers.
    • Example: Search “Smith, Mary G.” vs. “Smith”
  • Training courses are available from Active Data Systems.

Major Investment Costs

  • Licensing of the File Director Servers (production and test).
  • Storage space on central Data Center servers.
  • Enterprise-level scanners.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Scanning in black and white and/or with smaller DPI in the long run takes less space that BIT provides; the more optimized the images, the less BIT has to invest in storage, which is reflected in the billing rates.


  • $5.00 per month per user login account for File Director access.

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