Application hosting is the process of delivering applications to client computers over a network. Software (i.e. an application) is stored on hardware (mainframe or server computers) and made available to clients through multiple methods.

The software can be built by BIT staff, purchased or licensed from a third party vendor or a combination of both. Software offered using this model is often called software as a service or on-demand software. The hardware is typically located in a data center managed by BIT.

Clients Served
  • Executive and Judicial Branches
  • Public Higher Education
  • Public K-12 Education
What We Provide
  • Web application hosting is IIS as the standard.
  • Citrix-based application hosting.
  • Client/Server application serving.
  • Streaming media content (live and archived content).
  • Server operating system platforms.
  • Maintenance of existing mainframe based applications.
Client Responsibility
  • Provide realistic estimates on client usage for proper sizing.
  • Properly describe the business function.
  • If the application is maintained by an outside vendor, keep application and operating systems on manufacturers supported platforms.
Major Investment Costs
  • Server Hardware
  • Server Software
  • Support resources
  • Maintenance costs
  • Network connectivity and Firewall hardware
  • Network security hardware and software
Cost-Saving Tips
  • Use standard hosting solutions.
  • Notify Help Desk when an application is no longer needed.

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