Email is the electronic collaboration between personnel within the State of South Dakota network or to individuals outside of the state network. This communication can take the form of newsletters, meeting invites, alerts, or simple letters and correspondence.

In addition, the industry has advanced to include new features, enhanced graphics, web-enabled content and other programmatic functions. This communication typically travels between PC users, but has evolved to include other sending and receiving devices such as wireless laptops, netbooks, tablets as well as mobile devices.

The engine powering this service in the state is Microsoft Exchange.

Components that make up electronic collaboration include:

  • Calendars
  • BlackBerry mobile delivery
  • eDiscovery and Archiving
  • Listserv mail distribution
  • Directory services / account management
  • Spam, phishing and virus filtering

Clients Served

  • Executive and Judicial Branches
  • Constitutional and Elected Offices

What We Provide

  • Server maintenance.
  • Webmail accessibility from anywhere at anytime.
  • Documentation and policy enforcement.

Client Responsibility

Major Investment Costs

  • Hardware to host the servers.
  • Storage of the email content.
  • Anti-virus / gateway services.
  • eDiscovery hardware, storage and licensing.
  • Listserv system.
  • Account maintenance and staff resources.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Delete any unnecessary, unwanted or outdated emails.
  • Do not open any emails in which you are unaware of the sender.
  • Do not open any emails containing suspicious content.


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