Software Development

BIT provides analysis, design, programming, and project management services for the building and maintenance of computer applications. BIT staff who have worked with an agency for a period of time develop a wealth of institutional business knowledge. This in-depth knowledge of the agency business functions is critical in designing and developing the best possible IT solutions for the agency's needs.

BIT developers program and maintain applications of all sizes for a variety of platforms. There are situations where it is more cost effective to bring in a software package rather than develop it in-house. In these situations, BIT developers work with the agency to ensure the software packages selected are the best fit for the agency and will run on the state's IT infrastructure.

Whether developed in-house, a custom application developed by a vendor, or a purchased software package, BIT provides the project management function to ensure the application is properly implemented and documented.

Clients Served
  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches
  • Constitutional and Elected Offices
What We Provide
  • System analysts to perform a detailed analysis of the system requirements.
  • Experienced programmers who develop the program code to automate business functions.
  • Developers to develop, test, implement, and document software applications.
  • Developers to maintain and enhance applications over the life of the application.
  • Analysts to work with agency staff when creating RFPs, evaluating RFP responses, developing contracts, working with consultants and much more depending on the type of project.
Client Responsibility
  • Sponsor IT projects to ensure the project receives agency support.
  • Devote time to working with developers to determine the application requirements, provide feedback to developers when needed, and to assist in implementing the application.
  • Perform timely user acceptance testing.
  • Take ownership of the completed application to ensure the application is used efficiently and maintained as needed.
  • Train agency users on the use of the applications.
Major Investment Costs
  • Initial and ongoing training of developers.
  • Software licenses for development tools.
  • Building institutional knowledge. Development analysts spend a great deal of time working with their assigned agency and develop a wealth of institutional knowledge about the agency business functions.
  • Agency commitment and staff resources.
  • BIT costs to develop and maintain development and project management teams.
Cost-Saving Tips
  • Define the project scope before the project begins.
  • Complete and thorough user testing.

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