Rules and regulations are essential to any well managed organization. Standards are valuable to our clients because of the cost savings, faster support and reliable technology infrastructure. They serve to establish uniform practices and common techniques used as guidelines to measure performance.

For example, with one standard email system, a small number of administrators can maintain a system supporting all of state government. If the state had two email systems, the number of administrators and support staff would double with no corresponding benefit in functionality. The same principle applies to system designs, writing programs and setting up operations in a data processing center. All of which require certain individual skills, standard policies, procedures and equipment.

BIT has established routine methods and standard practices for development, processing and control of data processing systems and services performed by staff. There is also a list of standardized hardware and software for state agencies to use in their daily work and for any necessary server-based work.

IMPORTANT: Vendors who are actively pursuing IT business opportunities with the State of South Dakota must also comply with the Information and Technology User Security Policy. For security purposes, this content is not for public consumption and must be requested prior to signing an IT contractual agreement with the State of South Dakota. To obtain a copy of this policy, please call 605.773.4357 or email the BIT Help Desk.

Product Evaluation and Approval Process

Contact Shellie Patterson when the need arises for a new technology item. Shellie works with a team of individuals to provide further research on a particular item to complete an evaluation summary. From there, a decision is made as to whether or not to stop or continue with the evaluation process. After a complete evaluation, a decision is then made to place the new item on contract. Once approved, BIT obtains three quotes for the item and finally the item is added to the standards list.

Contact Information on List of Standards

BIT Contacts

  1. Shellie Patterson, Product Evaluation / Product Selection Assistance / Quotes, 605.773.4024

  2. Deb Dufour, Manager, 605.773.6334

Purchasing Contacts

  1. Chuck Clark, Hardware / Software Items, 605.773.4276

  2. Kathy Stasch, Toner / Copiers / GPS, 605.773.6877

  3. Heather Pelle, Projectors, 605.773.2162

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