Standards List: User Hardware

Multi-Server Class 1500 VA UPS

Minimum Specifications:

  • UPS is compatible with all additional hardware and software standards referenced here
  • UPS must have the following capability:
    • Windows NT 4.0 or greater
    • MS BackOffice
    • Campaq Insight Manager
    • MS SMS 2.0 or greater
    • Spectrum 5.0 or greater
    • Web/SNMP monitoring
  • UPS is able to automatically recharge its batteries
  • UPS has an audible alarm to alert personnel at least 5 minutes before UPS shutdown due to low batteries
  • UPS has a transfer time of 4 milliseconds or less including detection time
  • UPS has a battery self-test feature
  • UPS has user replaceable, hot-swappable batteries
  • UPS has runtime calibration
  • UPS has an overload detection feature
  • UPS has UL and class B FCC approval
  • UPS has a metal enclosure
  • UPS has internal cooling fans
  • UPS has Smart Slot and accessories capable
  • UPS has a load capability of a 1400 VA load
  • UPS has a run time of at least 7 minutes under 1500 VA load (2+ servers)
  • UPS has a minimum battery life of 3 years with replacements available
  • UPS unit has a minimum 3 year warranty
  • All hardware, software, cabling and documentation are included
  • All cabling will be at least six feet long
  • If a brownout occurs, the UPS will boost the voltage to within normal limits before it reaches the computer; UPS will run the computer under these conditions without draining its batteries
  • Network interface capability which provides for an orderly shutdown of a minimum of 3 PC's and applications (i.e. serial cable)
  • UPS should have software that automatically saves open files before shutting down the server
  • UPS should allow unattended shutdown of 8 computers from a single UPS

Desirable Specifications:

  • Manufacturer has toll free Tech Support, Internet access, and E-mail support.

Last Updated: 04/20/2005
Last Reviewed: 01/22/2014

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