Standards List: User Hardware

All in One Workstation

The computer system shall consist of the system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and associated internal boards necessary to provide the configuration specified below.

Minimum Specifications:

  • System is compatible with all additional hardware and software standards.
  • System has a minimum of an Intel i5-6600 (3.3GHz, 6MB cache) quad-core processor.
  • System unit motherboard must be configured with 8GB of DDR4 2133MHz RAM memory and be expandable to 32GB.
  • System unit must have 6MB L2 cache.
  • System unit must be compatible with Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • System must have integrated standard serial ATA II interface on the motherboard capable of connecting any standard serial ATA II drive.
  • System must include a solid state (SSD) hard drive with a capacity of at least 256GB.
  • System unit must include one (1) DVD/CD-RW drive with a minimum speed of 8x.
  • System unit must accept at least two (2) hard drives as shipped.
  • System must come with an integrated all-in-one form factor chassis.
  • System unit must be a tool free chassis allowing for tool free entry and tool free maintenance.
  • System just have at least a 180 watt power supply.
  • System unit power supply must provide sufficient power plugs to accommodate drives mounted in all drive bays.
  • System must come with an integrated Intel HD 530 graphics adapter.
  • System must have one (1) DisplayPort output and one (1) HDMI output.
  • System must be equipped with a Windows-enabled 104 key USB keyboard as a minimum.
  • System must be equipped with an ambidextrous USB wheel mouse.
  • System unit universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter chip that controls the communication ports must be able to support high speed asynchronous communications of up to 115Kbps.
  • System must include six (6) USB external ports with at least two (2) along the side of the case - all of which must be at least USB 3.0.
  • System must include one (1) UDB-C port.
  • System unit must come complete with all interface cables necessary to connect all system devices for operation.
  • System BIOS settings must be accessible without opening the case of the system.
  • System must be equipped with internal date/time clock with battery backup.
  • System unit must be shipped with enough drive mounting hardware to accommodate all drive bays.
  • System is ethernet compatible using a 10/100/1000 adapter that can auto-sense and configure the speed of the hub/switch.
  • System unit must come with an integrated sound card and speakers.
  • System unit must be FCC Class B certified and UL approved.
  • System unit must have EPEAT bronze level certification or better.
  • System unit must have a minimum warranty period of five (5) years parts and labor and five (5) year on-site.

Desirable Specifications:

  • Manufacturer has toll free Tech Support, Internet access, and E-mail support.

Last Updated: 07/20/2017
Last Reviewed: 07/20/2017

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