Standards List: User Hardware

Low-End Workstation

The computer system shall consist of the system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and associated internal boards necessary to provide the configuration specified below.

Minimum Specifications:

  • System is compatible with all additional hardware and software standards.
  • System has a minimum of an Intel i5-6500T (2.7GHz, 6MB cache) quad-core processor.
  • System unit motherboard must be configured with 8GB of DDR4 2133MHz RAM memory and be expandable to 32GB.
  • System unit must have 6MB L2 cache.
  • System unit must be compatible with Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • System must include a solid state (SSD) hard drive with a capacity of at least 256GB.
  • System must come with a mini desktop chassis with the ability to add a second hard drive.
  • System unit must be a tool free chassis allowing for tool free entry and tool free maintenance.
  • System just have at least a 65 watt power supply.
  • System must have 1 external USB-C port.
  • System video card must have 2 DisplayPort outputs.
  • System must be equipped with a Windows-enabled 104 key USB keyboard as a minimum.
  • System must be equipped with an ambidextrous USB wheel mouse.
  • System must include six (6) USB external ports with at least two (2) in front of the case - one (1) of which must be a charging port.
  • System unit must come complete with all interface cables necessary to connect all system devices for operation.
  • System BIOS settings must be accessible without opening the case of the system.
  • System must be equipped with internal date/time clock with battery backup.
  • System is ethernet compatible using a 10/100/1000 adapter that can auto-sense and configure the speed of the hub/switch.
  • System is wireless ethernet compatible for future network expansion.
  • System unit must come with a sound card and internal integrated speaker.
  • System unit must have EPEAT gold level certification or better.
  • System unit must have a minimum warranty period of five (5) years parts and labor and five (5) year on-site.

Desirable Specifications:

  • Manufacturer has toll free Tech Support, Internet access, and E-mail support.
  • System ships with an optical mouse.

Last Updated: 07/20/2017
Last Reviewed: 07/20/2017

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