List of Standard Products

Below you will find information as it relates to standardized hardware and software.

  • Adaptive Technology
    The Adaptive Technology list was created and updated with assistance from the technology staff from DakotaLink in Rapid City, South Dakota. These products assure that state employees are using the same assistive hardware and software that all South Dakotans with assistive technology needs are using. This also allows BIT to test applications and verify their functionality with these technologies to ensure those using them have access to the necessary resources available to accomplish their job.

  • Building and Door Security Hardware/Software
    Door security is standardized for government buildings statewide. For more information or to request this type of system, please send an email to the Help Desk with the following information:
    1. Agency Name
    2. Agency Contact
    3. Building Location and Address

    The State of South Dakota currently uses ArcGIS products for GIS/GPS purposes. Please contact Mark Freund if you have any questions about these products..

  • Network Hardware
    Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance ordering network hardware; such as a switch, router or network adapter.

  • Server Hardware/Software
    Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance ordering server hardware and/or software; such as a network operating system, virtual, authentication and email servers along with database services.

  • Software: Agency Use
    User software standards are central to information sharing, particularly for applications used in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and email. Developing state software standards greatly improves information sharing and will also improve the compatibility of information and documents exchanged between state agencies and outside entities.

  • Software: Development Use
    Development software products are for BIT development staff only.

  • User Hardware
    User hardware includes the current technology available along with the current needs of state employees. The items listed in these categories have been tested for compatibility and approved for usage.

  • Vendor and Client Security Requirements
    Websites or applications developed for state agencies must meet minimum guidelines. The State of South Dakota reserves the right to perform security, load, vulnerability, PCI compliance, performance, and other scans and tests against any application supported by state funds at any time. Software developed or purchased on behalf of the State of South Dakota, with state funds, or provided in any manner to support state functions or interact with state data must be in compliance with BIT Standards including, but not limited to: standards for security, file naming conventions, executable module names, job control language, systems software, and systems software release levels, temporary work areas, executable program size, forms management, network access, tape management, and job stream procedures prior to the installation and acceptance of a project.Learn more about the vendor and client security requirements.

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