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Performance and Load Testing

Performance testing is the process of simulating the kind of internet traffic a website or web application can expect to see in the real world. While a performance is running, developers and other engineers can monitor the state of the software and the servers involved in order to ensure they will perform in an acceptable way when the application is launched.

Agency Users

Performance testing ensures that a website will continue to be accessible when there are multiple users accessing the site simultaneously. There are different situations that may not occur when conducting testing with just a few users that can slow down, or even break, a site when multiple users are accessing it. By simulating these large amounts of traffic in a controlled and monitored way, BIT can monitor these types of situations and try to mitigate them before launching it to the public.

Performance testing is performed for all applications accessible by multiple users. This is part of the development process and is done before the application moves to production. While this is part of a new application, it is not done routinely to existing or agency constructed websites.


Performance testing is considered to be another step in the development lifecycle, along with user acceptance testing (UAT). Given the shared nature of resources utilized by a web application, it is vital to run a test with a number of simultaneous users to catch any concurrency issues or bottlenecks before releasing software to production for public use. Even if the site does not have a large number of users expected, there can still be contention issues when more than one user tries to access a resource at the same time.

A properly performed performance load test can show developers and system administrators where a slowdown might occur and provide an opportunity to try to alleviate these issues.
In Visual Studio 2013: you can use your computer to test your localhost version of the app
In Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Enterprise’s Performance testing tools can be used for performance and load testing. To learn more about how to use these tools, follow this instruction from Microsoft: If you have questions, about using the testing tools within Visual Studio Enterprise, contact Jeff Meyer or Chase Bennett.

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