Web Standards


  • The design of a site must be completed using a graphic editing program that is supported by BIT (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.).

  • Layered files should be provided to the agency and to BIT (for banners, titles, backgrounds, images, etc.).

  • There should be two files: one in 300 dpi and another in 72 dpi for web screen resolution.

  • For the site layout, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) position MUST be used. All CSS content needs to be contained in an external CSS file. Print ready CSS files should be created for printing by an end user to eliminate the banner and other design elements to only print the relevant content.

  • The entire site must not have any local formatting (font tags, size tags, bolds, etc.). All attributes must be on the CSS file.

  • Tables must only be used for tabular data entry or data displaying. Please use div formatting for all other content.

  • The site must be compatible and editable with Dreamweaver versions and Creative Suite 6 or higher versions, or the BIT CMS. (At the discretion of the agency)

  • Flash animations are not recommended. If there is a need to present animations, please use HTML 5 and Ajax as needed.

  • The site must meet current web industry standards for security.

  • The site must be assessed for security risks and must successfully pass a performance analysis test and review. BIT will perform and the site will pass a security scan before the site is placed in a UAT or production environment.

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